About the ActiveModel™ Suite

Real-Time Dynamic Reservoir Modeling and Monitoring with 3D/4D Visualization

Oil and gas operators are gathering more (and more diverse) data in real-time from drilling, completion and production operations in today’s challenging reservoirs.  ActiveModel™ Suite was designed from the ground up to support real-time operational decision-making.  With its powerful architecture and database, ActiveModel™ enables integrated real-time analysis, maximizing the knowledge brought to bear on every decision.

An ActiveModel™ Suite software license includes “seismic to simulation” functionality organized into workflows, with visualization of data in 2D, 3D or 4D.  Our integrated reservoir modeling merges interpretation and reservoir modeling requirements into a complete workflow, allowing rapid iteration as new data is acquired. A complete geo-spatially and time-aware model leads to more effective field management decisions.

Currently, the workflows included in the ActiveModel™ Suite are:

Prestack velocity modeling

The prestack velocity modeling solution in ActiveModel™ delivers a major improvement in velocity modeling efficiency.  ActiveModel™ prestack velocity modeling includes full 3D modeling designed to increase picking efficiency and throughput, while minimizing the processing resources focused on areas with complex velocity issues. S2S Systems pre-stack velocity modeling delivers better results while reducing processing time.

Real-time reservoir monitoring

S2S Systems provides a contractor independent realtime monitoring solution that allows our clients to review microseismic activities in the field or in the comfort of there office and within the context of a complete and fully integrated reservoir model.

Hydraulic fracture analysis

The ActiveModel™ hydraulic fracture analysis solution is used to analyze and interpret borehole and surface monitored fracture treatments in the context of naturally fractured reservoir models. These models can then be history matched in 3rd party simulators for drainage pattern mapping, resulting in more effective field management decisions and better exploitation of oil & gas resources.

Dynamic drill targeting

S2S Systems dynamic drill targeting solution rapidly integrates new geologic information into the positioning of drill targets and automatically refines the borehole plan to reach these targets. The uncertainty of the targets is reduced, thereby decreasing the risk and cost of the borehole. When integrated with a third-party geosteering application, S2S Systems dynamic drill targeting provides the industry’s only complete targeting solution.

Third party plug-in capable

The architecture of the ActiveModel™ Suite contains a plug-in layer which enables the easy integration of new workflows and applications.