About S2S Systems Technology

A reservoir model represents the combined knowledge of the full asset team –  geophysics, geology and engineering.  An accurate, up-to-date model is crucial to effective decision-making for maximizing operational efficiency.

S2S Systems offers the only solution in the oil and gas industry for a complete and fully integrated dynamic reservoir model that can be rapidly updated using real-time data.  ActiveModel™ sets a new standard for integrated, interactive (real-time) modeling and analysis solutions.

Benefits of ActiveModel™ architecture and system design

  • Integrated,  interactive 3D/4D seismic-to-simulation applications.
  • Easy to use, simple “intuitively obvious” user interfaces.
  • Workflow-based; objects and properties easily accessible.
  • Efficient and simple data formats for input data.
  • An embedded and efficient object database for project created data.
  • Easy for third-parties to develop new workflow plug-ins.
  • Runs on all platforms: Windows, Linux, Mac, ….
  • Capable of monitoring usage and capturing execution problems.
  • Designed for peer-to-peer collaboration with shared views and databases.

The S2S Systems data management solution is light, efficient, and flexible.  Our architecture is designed for rapid development and high performance. The ActiveModel™ database is capable of handling pre-stack seismic gather data through complete geo-cellular models and is the key to every integrated and potentially real-time software product. It is the only self-defining, object-oriented and time-aware transactional database in the oil and gas  industry and the key component to integrated real-time applications.

Key features of the ActiveModel™ database

  • Fast
  • Time-aware
  • Uses persistent data objects and model objects
  • Designed for real-time applications
  • Rapid, automated fault recovery
  • Object aware (action/reaction)
  • Multi-model branching
  • Forward compatible
  • Object redefine without requiring database conversion

ActiveModel™ Application Software

A single and consistent modeling architecture is required to allow the integration of geophysical, geological and engineering data into a single software solution. ActiveModel™ utilizes an Orthogonal XY truncated grid which is congruent with the seismic data and provides infinite flexibility for grid refinement and up-scaling. XYOT gridding represents a major technical breakthrough that is proprietary to S2S Systems. As a critical building block for real-time dynamic modeling, XYOT gridding was recently validated by Statoil:

Key features of the ActiveModel application:

  • Automated grid refinement
  • Automated grid scale-up
  • No seismic attribute interpolation
  • Iterative construction with new data
  • Minimal user interaction required
  • More accurate simulation results

ActiveModel™ can be used to monitor reservoir activities in 3D. Because of the use of a time-aware database, time-lapse 3D visualization (4D) is readily available once the data is loaded.

Key features of the visualization capabilties of ActiveModel™:

  • Unlimited panels
  • Unlimited windows
  • Extensive 2D graphics panels and utilities
  • OpenGL-based performance
  • No third party royalties

ActiveModel™ Plugin Framework

The ActiveModel™ plugin framework is designed to provide all the capabilities of ActiveModel™ (real-time, data persistence, ActiveObjects, and more) to any application.  Plugins can be maintained as proprietary or licensed as separate applications. Dynamic workflows access all of ActiveModel™ applications as needed for any plugin. Utilizing a “model-view-control” structure, plugins are simple to add and operate.

Key features of the ActiveModel™ plugin framework:

  • Proprietary technology is maintained
  • Real-time capable
  • Smart and persistent object storage as “ActiveObjects”
  • Consistent and simple user interface construction
  • Automatic plugin with optional product rebranding
  • Multi-vendor workflows (build instead of rebuild)
  • Customized and dynamically-constructed workflows
  • Extensive 2D graphics panels and utilities

For more information about the S2S Systems software development kit, click here.