ActiveModel™ Real-Time Dynamic Reservoir Modeling for Smart, Efficient Field Development in Unconventional Reservoirs

S2S Systems International’s  ActiveModel™  applications deliver real-time monitoring and dynamic reservoir modeling, with 2D/3D and 4D visualization when it matters most – on the fly during drilling and completions operations.

For operators in shale reservoirs, ActiveModel™ is the only dynamic modeling solution purpose-built for:

- Improving penetration of sweet spots in shale

- Monitoring fracturing treatments for improved control and maximum efficiency

- Optimizing well placement to maximize drainage

ActiveModel™ can update a reservoir model in just minutes using real-time input, significantly reducing costs for individual wells and for overall field development by optimizing stimulation treatments, drilling plans and well placements.

ActiveModel™ enables asset teams to rapidly build operational models and simulation-ready reservoir models using complete, fully-integrated seismic, geological and engineering data. 

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